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"Did You Knows ..." Coming From the August Meeting

August 04, 2021 10:54 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

Shameless-Self Promoting filled the August Meeting Room

North La Crosse Business Association members were told to come ready to shamelessly self-promote, and they did not disappoint.

Here's some fun “betcha didn't knows” from fellow businesses helping grow the Northside.

  • Who helped bring the flashing beacon medians to protect people crossing Copeland to get to the park? The Lower Northside & Depot Neighborhood Association
  • Which neighborhood group also covers the north side of La Crosse? The Logan Northside
  • What is the Northside's only grocery store? Festival
  • Who recently opened a neighborhood center in Boot Hill Pub? La Crosse Park & Rec as a senior center and more.
  • Who helped bring all the fishing tournaments this summer to town? Explore La Crosse (La Crosse County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  • How can you get in front of the college students with your part-time job openings? Send your business name, contact information and positions to Neal Zygarlicke at the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Which Caledonia Street business makes a product that has won many awards? DNA Vintners for their wine.
  • Which bank takes pride and is extra engaged on the Northside? River Bank
  • How many businesses are inside The Coulee Region Business Center, a  business incubator on the Northside? 17 
  • How many times has Mark Jewellers moved within the same 1200 block of Caledonia Street? 4
  • Which business sells welding supplies throughout Wisconsin, most of Minnesota and northeast Iowa out of their Northside location? Mississippi Welders Supply
  • The owner of which northside company said, "We like shows that are bawdy, adult, sexy"? The Muse Theatre
  • Which 17-year La Crosse Footwear occupant also has a nonprofit that gives back to the community? Pearl Street Brewery and Sprout for Kids Foundation 
  • Which Northside restaurant's multi-generational roots are proudly displayed in their 30-year-old name? Pogy's Catering & Pogreba
  • Which media company on the Northside spins out a lot of vinyl? Lamar Advertising
  • What Northside church is the only member of the NLBA because he sees the connection between businesses and his members? The Northside Community Church
  • Whose name, humorously, came up several times as the reason they joined the NLBA? Dan Kapanke with The La Crosse Loggers


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